Converting "World Racing 2" cars to "Alarm For Cobra 11 Crash Time"
written by Kasulke (with help from CoolK and Krom)


What tools do you need?
Obviously good things from Krom:
 - AFC11CT Manager (to install car to AFC11CT);
 - EditCar (to convert and edit physics data);
 - MTkit2 (to convert cars collision shape);
 - WR2 addon-car with unlocked (so to be able to convert it);
 - 10 minutes of your life for conversion and unknown number for fun ;-)
 - And last, but not least - Cars author permission to make conversion!.

In this tutorial we use Golf GTI: [VWGOLF1]
All the tools are available on Krom's site: in Editing Tools section


Here we go!

1. Copy your WR2 cars folder [ex:VWGOLF1] with all it's contents.

2. Go to "..\Cobra 11 - Crash Time\Autos" and paste it there.

3. Now copy the horn-sound from any stock CrashTime car or use your own - "Hupe.wav" and put it to your cars [ex:VWGOLF1] folder.

4. Open the of your car [ex:VWGOLF1] with EditCar tool.

5. Here, you should adjust the sounds - m_ap_XXX_ and so on, so that they correspond to sounds in "..\Cobra 11 - Crash Time\Motoren2" folder.
Hint: You can place your own sounds there, just use same naming pattern as CrashTime sounds do.
Hint: You can also tweak physics settings here, since CrashTime uses different physics and car can behave unusual or even crazy without tweaks!

6. Save the file using "Editing Format" = AFC11 Nitro.

7. Now rename all folders of your Addon-Car [ex:VWGOLF1] from "Textures_PC" to: "Textures". Don't forget subfolders.

8. Now to collision shape. Load the existing file [ex: VWGOLF1_colli.COB] into MTkit2.

9. Perform File -> Export -> COB to LWO. Remember where lwo file is saved.

10. Now go to CPO tab and use Import Shape (*.lwo) button to load you cars LWO shape you saved in previous step.

11. Perform File -> Save -> CPO. [ex. VWGOLF1_colli.CPO].

12. Delete old COB file.

13. Start AFC11CT Manager v0.1 from your CrashTime folder and activate your Ex-WR2-car! ...Choose a color there!

14. Done, now you can drive your car in CrashTime in single races mode. If everything went well. Start action-crash-racing!


Credits, thanks to:
- Synetic for the great games =D>
- Krom for the perfect tools
- CoolK for steps 9-12.


Look here for German language version:


And here are few sample-screenshots:


This tutorial is written by Kasulke (with help from CoolK and Krom).
Other tutorials and World Racing tools are available at