How to make Supercharged S55 ? (High perfomance twin car)

1. MBWR: Go to "WR-EditCars" folder.
WR2: Go to Addons\Autos folder.

2. Create new folder named after car model (I will use "supercar" as example)

3. Copy "" to created folder, from any other addon car. It will be used as a template.
Notice: Since WR2 most of the cars are password protected, you'll need one without a password.

4. Copy to "supercar" folder:
- WR.ds from "FrontEnd" folder. Car data will be imported from it.
- EditCar tool. Fresh version highly recommended.

5. Run EditCar (WR_EditCar.exe)
Click "Open .car" button
Open file

6. Car parameters will be loaded.
Go to "Import Car" tab.

7. Select desired car, and click "Import". (I used S 55 AMG as example)
After progress riches 100% car parameters will be loaded.

8. Change marked parameters:
1 - car folder/files name ("supercar")
2 - car class
3 - car model

9. At "Full Info" tab set all keys marked with "(always 0)" to 0 (zero). These are 3,23,25,75,79,80,83,84,85,89,90,91,92 rows. Otherwise it won't work good.

10. Tune physics & other parameters. (If desired)

11. Save modified "". (Into "supercar" folder)

12. Close EditCar and go to "Autos" folder. Make copy of "skl" folder (It is S-klass, I've imported in EditCar). And rename it to "supercar".

13. Open it.
Copy SYN extractor there (Use fresh version).
Launch SYN extractor. (steps 13-16 are required only for MBWR stock cars)

14. Open skl.syn (the one from "supercar" folder).

15. Right-click on list of files, and "Export All".

16. All files are extracted well.
Close SYN extractor.

17. Rename all files, so they start from "supercar" instead of "SKL" (not case sensitive).

18. Launch MBWR (or WR2).

19. In MBWR car will after completing of one event, in "Showroom" (left from A-class). In WR2 car will be available by instant.

That's all.

This tutorial is written by Krom (
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