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I don't know where else to place it, so let it be here, for those of you who curious enough to open least visited page on my site :-)
Feel free to remind me about anything else I have forgotten to include in this list.

On-going projects status (10.01.2009):

Project name Status Advance Comments
MBWR Stadt conversion 95%   Beta out
Normandie conversion 81%   Need help with snow textures or idea for V3
WR2 Mission Maker 80%   Beta-testers are welcome
Another rims for WR2 60%   LW modeling is done
Industrial Zone conversion 61%   Need huge help with recording all the ambient sounds
2D Puzzle 58%   Playable, GUI functional yet unfinished
Folder Backup Tool 55%   No GUI, works well, I use it for own backups now
Japan conversion 40%   No grass no traffic, no nothing from WR2 features
Shaders for MTKit2 20%   Very confusing
KaM Remake 8% >>> So far so good, huge amount of work
Oldtimer racecar 4%   Just a crazy idea, rough sketch
Atlantica inspired scenery 1%   Just a couple of buildings really
BMW e39 scratch model 50%   Realized it's pointless, frozen
Atlantica conversion 40%   Realized it's pointless, frozen
Lamborghini Countach scratch model 10%   Lost interest, project frozen



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