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KaM Remake (we don't have a fancy title yet) is an attempt to reinvigorate the original "Knights and Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom" strategy game. Our goals are to make it work on today's computers and operating systems, as well as to fix the many bugs in the game engine. To do this we have started from scratch, writing our own code for the game engine but still relying on many original resource files. This is our public limited technology preview (demo) featuring the economic and fighting side of the game; referred as "mod" or "Remake" from now on. Our aim is to demonstrate the potential and get feedback on functionality. All included "assets" borrowed from KaM (graphics, music, sounds, etc.) are there for testing purposes only, and the final release will not include any of the copyrighted "assets".
We assume that you own the original KaM game, otherwise you should buy it - it's available in a number of online gaming stores.
The KaM Remake executable is freeware and is built by enthusiasts. Applications used: Delphi 6, Delphi 7, FastMM4, Lazarus, OpenGL, OpenAL, zLib, PNGImage..

Forum discussion where you can get more info on status and ask your questions.

  Project history  

Release first big demo and opened a dedicated site (

After 2 months of hard work 3rd update to Multiplayer demo is ready. Lewin did a great job on bugfixes and improving Net code and even made a dedicated server.

Knowing nothing about multiplayer we together with Lewin managed to craft long-awaited multiplayer demo. It uses Clients, servers, TCP and lots of other things

Lewin has finished working on bugfixes for 2nd KaM Fighting Demo.

Orange herbera

Fourth KaM Remake Demo is ready. This demo includes several big features most important of which - melee fighting! Other features are - improved stability and performance, TSK and TPR campaign screens, replay function, built-in map editor beta.

Third KaM Remake Economy Demo is ready.

I happily announce that first KaM Remake Economy Demo is ready!


Made a huge contribution to KaM Remake in past several days, almost 50kb of coding (total of 320kb now, but still behind my biggest project - STKit2).

So what's new?
 - Static path finding A*, it doesn't includes unit-unit interactions yet.
 - More work on FrontEnd / GUI, more buttons, more info on pages, almost everything is rigged to gameplay (with exception of Ratios, Army command, Save/Load/Music). Production orders, Store stats, etc.. Even brightness control is working
 - House building misses request for building materials, else is complete. Laborers do build it and house gets built, just like in KaM.
 - Delivery system includes bidding now. Serfs will prefer one deliveries over others.
 - Render system reworked to sort all objects, now units go behind and in front of houses correct.
 - Lots of refactoring and minor improvements on old code, more flexibility (e.g. foreseeing new house types and walls)

Now to something really interesting - a video!


After more talks to Alex I started to develop own TKMControls for user interface.

Been working on internal logic and optimizing memory usage. Slowly moving towards 1st milestone - simple village functionality.

Project was paused for last 1.5 months. Now work resumed for a while.

First public announcement and screens.

After some talks with Alex, project has been started. KaM Editor served as its base.


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