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Contains older news removed from frontpage.

  Some magic? 03.11.2010  

These are delayed news, in fact everything has happened on 22 Oct, but Internet is so slow recently ;-)

KaM Editor has got one new magic ability (apart from freezing on old PCs and randomly crashing on new ones, *jk). Magic Water allows to align waterflow on all interconnected water tiles. Yay!

New version is available in KaM section (see map editor).

  MTKit 2.3.6 25.10.2010  

New version includes faster MOX loading, adds association of MOX files with the tool and has renamed AFC11 light entry.

  Newer news for KaM fans 03.09.2010  

Updated and bugfixed version of KaM Remake executable uploaded to Google.code page.

  Older news 31.08.2010  

Time for some older news I forgot to post about - KaM Editor was upgraded to version 0.6c, which includes improved Windows themes support and removed password protection from MAP files.

Where to download it? Here, the place where all newest KaM tools and KaM Remake updates are.

  KaM Remake Fighting Demo 13.08.2010  

Fourth KaM Remake Demo is ready. This demo includes several big features most important of which - melee fighting! Other features are - improved stability and performance, TSK and TPR campaign screens, replay function, built-in map editor beta.

Download KaM Remake demo (use WinRAR to unpack it)

Forum discussion where you can get more info on status and ask your questions.

  Little updates 14.07.2010  

WR2 Manager has got a new button - [Save & Run MP Lounge]. This should come in handy for managing addon sceneries before multiplayer races.

AFC11HN Manager in the same day has raised addon car limit by x10 times, from earlier 256 cars to whooping 2560 cars at once!

Download available in WR Editing section as usual.
Alternatively you can download from Google.Code downloads page: which gets updated more often.

  WR2 Manager 0.3k 11.04.2010  

With a little bit of refactoring WR2 Manager now can handle up-to 512 addon sceneries and 4096 addon cars.

Forum discussion where you can get more info on status and ask your questions.

Download available in WR Editing section
Alternatively you can download it from Google.Code downloads page:

  First Knights and Merchants Font Editor! 11.04.2010  

Whilst coding KaM Remake we (me and Lewin) coded this rather small but handy tool for font editing :)

Download available in KaM Editing section
Alternatively you can download it from Google.Code downloads page: (where's new versions may appear much faster than here)

  KaM Remake Economy Demo ver.2010.02.11 11.02.2010  

Third KaM Remake Economy Demo is ready.

Link (use WinRAR to unpack it)

Alternatively you could download just changed EXE from: (use WinRAR to unpack it)

Forum discussion where you can get more info on status and ask your questions.

  Open-sourcing in progress... 02.02.2010  

Fresh updates in WR-Toolkit ( are:
 - EditCar tool (without password protection any more);
 - Mercedes-Benz World Racing Manager;
 - World Racing 2 Manager;
 - Alarm For Cobra 11 Nitro Manger;
 - Alarm For Cobra 11 Crash Time Manger;
 - Alarm For Cobra 11 Burning Wheels Manger;
 - Ferrari Virtual Race Manger;
 - Alarm For Cobra 11 Highway Nights Manger (yet not working well);
 - World Racing 2 Mission Maker tool.

Which means that by now WR Toolkit has 11 tools ready for exploring. If anyone wishes to join development - please read last pages of this forum topic.

On the other side - Castlesand project ( now includes KaM Editor source codes.

  WR tools are going open-source! 26.01.2010  

I've created new SVN location for all WR tools - There I will upload everything WR related.

Today's updates are:
 - PTXTool (moved from old SVN location);
 - and TGA2PTX command-line tool.

Discussion of open-sourcing all other tools is welcome at forum! (please keep it English)

  WR tools to go open-source? 16.01.2010  

Starting with PTXTool ( I'm planning to release all my WR tools as open-source. I chose Google.Code for that.

... long text duplicated in forum thread was removed ...

Discussion is welcome at forum! (please keep it English)

  First WR tool to go open-source 14.01.2010  

Today PTX Tool v2.1b went public. You can see it's source code at:

You can browse the source and download it with a program like TortoiseSVN (but only registered people can make changes). Atm I'm converting it to be Lazarus compatible, so that anyone can edit it without need of expensive Delphi IDE

  KaM Remake SVN site revealed 06.01.2010  

Here's the link to the code of KaM Remake we are running together with Lewin. It has been public since creation but we never told anybody the link yet, until now!


You can browse the source and download it with a program like TortoiseSVN (but only registered people can make changes). There is an Issue tracker page that is pretty much unused and the Changes page where you can see what is being added and/or improved. Currently there are only a few more things to be done before the next demo, hopefully it will be ready some time this month.

Here's the link to forum discussion.

On a side note: Happy 2010!

  MTKit 2.3.5 07.11.2009  

I did a quick test to open Highway Nights Demo models and it worked out good enough. I didn't tried re-saving them yet. If anyone founds what this "New" Light means - drop me an e-mail. Also bug-reports are welcome, but bear in mind that I have limited free time for coding now.

P.S. Along that MTKit2 will have one nice feature from STKit2 - color-boxes in lights and materials lists. It's a kind of a bonus.

As usual the tool can be downloaded from WR Editing section.

  KaM Remake Economy Demo ver.090901 01.09.2009  

Second KaM Remake Economy Demo is ready.

Link (use WinRAR to unpack it)

Forum discussion where you can get more info on status and ask your questions.

  KaM Remake Economy Demo! 28.07.2009  

I'm happy to announce that KaM Remake Economy Demo is ready!

Link (use WinRAR to unpack it)

Please read included Readme, it has all the info.

Forum discussion where you can get more info on status and ask your questions.

  Chatham released 28.04.2009  

Race circuit converted from SportsCarGT to World Racing 2.


  WR2 new maps and some updates 24.04.2009  

AFC11N Landstr

SCGT Chatham

There are updates in WR2 Maps section, along with better layout there are 2 new maps available for download - first one shows Landstr scenery (which was converted from AFC11N long time ago) and other is SCGT Chatham which will be released in few days.

On the other side there are updates in Editing Tools section as well. STKit234 got maintenance release and PTXTool2.1b has few bugs fixed :)

You can see some Chatham screens and discuss it in forum thread.

  WR2 Manager maintenance 21.04.2009  

This is a maintenance release of WR2 Manager. There's only one notable new feature - now when you click on car in car list you can see it's Race Class and thus if you are a modder you can make your car to compete in the same class as other car. Still you can't change the race class of that car, for this would bring MP issues.

P.S. Following tools have got maintenance releases as well: FVR Manager, AFC11BW Manager, PTXTool.

  STKit 2.3.4 finally 20.04.2009  

Finally it's released!

It spent too much time on my HDD without any movement, in fact I haven't added anything since few months. So I thought I wrap it good enough and release 'as is'. If there are any bugs I could fix them later on.

So, what's new in this long awaited version?

- Added ability to open AFC11/FVR sceneries, though use save function on your own risk, I didn't tested it at all!
- Added TRK generation! Now you can make tracks from scratch right in STKit2
- Added warning for missing textures
- Added highlight for copy/paste properties
- Added option to choose top-down render resolution
- Added "Cast no shadow" to material properties (that's useful for polygonal road lines in e.g. Rocky Pass)
- Added direction arrows to some triggers
- Various improvements
- Optimized LWO import, now it works good for sceneries upto ~1m polys
- Same optimization improves scenery fps performance in-game by ~15%

As usual it can be downloaded from WR Editing section.

  New old section 16.04.2009  

There's a new section added into Knights&Merchants area - Tips&Tricks. There I put useful info on playing the game.

On a side note: KaM Editor v0.6 released.

  Ferrari Virtual Race & new add-on manager 03.04.2009  

Several days ago Ferrari has released new game created by Synetic - called "Ferrari Virtual Race". The game is based on AFC11BW engine and looks much the same, but features real-life Ferraris plus Mugello race track and, most important, is available for free download! (Link, you'll need to register before download)

What this has to do with my site? Well that's an easy one - I'm making add-on manager to allow to install new cars in the game. Hope to release it in few days.

EDIT 04.04: Ferrari Virtual Race add-on car manager is released and to be found in WR Editing section

  PTXTool 2.1 brings new controls 20.02.2009  

PTXTool new version is available. Apart from speed fix for TGA export there are some new controls I shall introduce now.

 - First thing is support for non-PowerOfTwo images. PTXTool appeared to be quite handy tool for creation/combining color images with alphas into composite 32bit TGA images. Since now you can enable non-POT support and work with images of any sizes no problem (e.g. 672x923). This feature won't work for WR2 or other games, those usually need POT textures.

 - There's also two color-picker buttons. First one (marked A) will create an alpha from color you pick on RGB image. Second one will replace color you choose with average color from the rest of the image. Both options are pretty useful for color-key transparency textures where's transparency marked as purple color. First to convert purple to alpha, second - to remove purple borders along alpha edge in game.

Download from WR Editing section.

EDIT: 2 bugs related to nonPOT images are fixed. Since they are both minor PTXTool version didn't changed, it's still 2.1.

  Video of KaM Remake 09.02.2009  

Made a huge contribution to KaM Remake in past several days, almost 50kb of coding (total of 320kb now, but still behind my biggest project - STKit2).

So what's new?
 - Static path finding A*, it doesn't includes unit-unit interactions yet.
 - More work on FrontEnd / GUI, more buttons, more info on pages, almost everything is rigged to gameplay (with exception of Ratios, Army command, Save/Load/Music). Production orders, Store stats, etc.. Even brightness control is working
 - House building misses request for building materials, else is complete. Laborers do build it and house gets built, just like in KaM.
 - Delivery system includes bidding now. Serfs will prefer one deliveries over others.
 - Render system reworked to sort all objects, now units go behind and in front of houses correct.
 - Lots of refactoring and minor improvements on old code, more flexibility (e.g. foreseeing new house types and walls)

Now to something really interesting - a video!


P.S. All graphic elements are made by KaM developers.

  Better news 30.01.2009  

STKit2.3.4 is coming along and it will have a lot of nice features:
 - Added warning for missing textures
 - Added highlight for copy/paste properties
 - Added option to choose top-down render resolution
 - Added "Cast no shadow" to material properties
 - Added direction arrows to some triggers
 - Various minor improvements
 - Optimized LWO import, now it works good for sceneries upto ~1m polys
 - Same optimization improves scenery fps performance ingame by ~15%

... and something completely different - direct import for SportsCarGT tracks (I wonder if anyone played SCGT though)

EDIT: STKit2.3.4 will also have built-in track maker tool, thus allowing track TRK files creation from scratch. Already tested with SCGT tracks and works good. The little wireframe area is my experiment with multiple render frames.

  Playing with AFC11 Burning Wheels 26.12.2008  

Today I've got long awaited AFC11BW DVD and immediately started writing AFC11BW Manager to install add-on cars. Manager is done and you can download it. Sadly it can install only BW models, WR2 models don't show up in game for some reason, looks like they need some special tweak just like with AFC11CT. I yet didn't figured out how to.

Download from WR Editing section.

 - Addon cars go into "..\Your AFC11BW Folder\Autos\" folder

  KaM Remake advance 25.12.2008  

I've switched from ingame logic programming to user interface coding. So far so good, I'm very happy about how smooth it goes. Had to develop own TKMControls, TKMButtons and etc.. All rendered in OpenGL (meaning fast and smooth).

With good luck tomorrow I hopefully get rid of Windows controls in KaM Remake frame.

Special thanks to Nick from CJB forum, who helped me with KaM reference screens!

KaM Editor section

  KaM Editor 0.5h 22.12.2008  

KaM Editor has been updated to v0.5h. New version includes several minor bugfixes and improvements, but most important - it writes proper lighting values for multi-player maps.

Thanks to Nick and Lewin who pointed out the source of lighting bug.

KaM Editor section

  Tutorial! 04.12.2008  

Kasulke has wrote tutorial which shows how to convert WR2 addon cars to AFC11CT in just 14 simple steps. With his kind permission I host it on my site. See it in WR Tutorials section.

P.S. Who knows ... maybe there will be such tutorial for WR2>AFC11BW soon ;-)

  Tools news 03.12.2008  

WR2 Manager 0.3h - Fixed bug in addon mission installation.
STkit2.3.3 - improved LWO import and fixed few bugs.
Download from WR Editing section.

  STKit232 26.11.2008  

- Added preliminary live sound playback (activated in Sounds tab)
- Improved OpenGL preview
- Minor improvements in UI
- Fixed bug when choosing grass MaterialMode with OpenGL render
- Fixed bug with overbright objects preview
- Bugfix in shadow tracing for big sceneries
- More bugfixes
Forum topic where you can ask your questions.

You can download STKit2.3.2 and other WR2 tools from WR Editing section.

  AFC11 Burning Wheels (aka Crash Time 2) news 09.11.2008  

Synetic has released demo of their next AFC11 game called AFC11 Burning Wheels (also known as Crash Time 2).
You can get it from here: Mirror1; Mirror2; Mirror3.

As for my input - I've partially decoded few scenery files and made screenshot from above of the Stadt map, click on image to see full-size version.

  KaM Remake progress 04.11.2008  

Been working on internal logic and optimizing memory usage. Slowly moving towards 1st milestone - simple village functionality.
Forum discussion where you can get more info on status and ask your questions.

  WR2 Mission maker tool 19.10.2008  

Beta is out. What's new - random mission maker. Create a mission with 6 random tracks, ideal for racing on Sunday evenings :-)

You can download Mission Maker Beta and other WR2 tools from WR Editing section.

  Contest! 23.09.2008  

I want to announce a contest for everyone reading my site.

As some of you might know I'm into writing my very own game - it's a jigsaw puzzle. It's a Windows game (who would expect else) using good old OpenGL, so it should work on almost any PC. Its Beta is near completion, game is functional, but lacks content. So I'm looking for pictures suitable for puzzle game. This contest would be especially interesting for photographers and artists. Here are picture requirements and rules:

- Pics should be suitable for puzzle game (detailed, different colors/factures, etc..)
- High-res images required, at least 2048x1536px
- All submitted pics are judged by me (Krom) and can be used in my freeware game, no charges
- If you agree with these rules, sent pics to my e-mail address - kromster80 (is at) gmail (dott) com

Since the game is planned to be freeware I can't offer any real prizes or cash to the winners. Still I can offer your pics distributed with my game with all credits and additional info you like (e.g. links to your site), also I can offer beta version for testing and play before it's release. And those of you who visit Moscow can count on free beer from me ;-) Other suggestions and ideas are welcome as well.

P.S. As you see there are 3 pics already, one by me and two by Bigburman.

  News about no news 23.09.2008  

Since 8th of September I resumed my study, have found good part-time job and have few other things running in my life. This means now on news and updates won't flow as steady as before. In fact I have very little free time left for anything PC-wise.

  MTKit2 again 04.09.2008  

There was a bug in "Save COB" function which made result COB files crash WR2 in older version, so here comes v2.3.4. There are no changes apart from this bugfix.

As usual you can download MTKit2 and all other WR2 tools from WR Editing section.

  MTKit2 27.08.2008  

New 2.3.3 version offers improvements in workflow for everyone using LWO import. Now it supports quads. There are some improvements for AFC11 modders as well.

  New Rims 18.08.2008  

Out of nowhere I had this idea to make and complete something really fast from scratch. I mean there are too many projects running on and on, paused and resumed endlessly. I didn't modeled for a while now, so it's good to recall some skills. So I did new rims for WR2 in ~2 hours. Result is in WR2 cars section.

MTKit2 is getting few bugfixes and OBJ import in next release, probably this week.

  Mission maker 08.08.2008  

New tool is in development, some of you may remember it already appeared once in WR2 Manager, but was removed due to bugs and no interest. This time it's a stand-alone tool and I'm already happy with it. There are 2 kinds of missions it can make:
 - normal missions, which means all kinds of missions WR2 has
 - random missions, these are championship/knockout missions where tracks are placed random order, WR2 really misses that feature.
So far there are only stock tracks and sceneries available, but later on that can change.

You are welcome to discuss in forum >>>

  Crash Time Manager 05.08.2008  


Still there's a big problem with add-on cars wheels. It has something to do with MOX/MTL files. With CT wheels all works fine.

Download link

  Contest results 02.08.2008  

This week small contest was held at forum. Members submitted screenshots taken from AFC11CT. Best screenshot to be used as CTManager loading screen.

I wish to thanks everyone who took part in this small contest. I spent a lot of time choosing the best screen from all submitted, it wasn't easy, there were many shots I'd like to chose, but there can be only one best shot.

So .. decision was made .... and the winner is ... Cobra 11 fan fred!

I hope to release CTManager in 3-4 days.

  PTXTool 2.0 29.07.2008  

PTXTool advanced to version 2.0. This comes from complete refactoring of old code.

There's a built-in PTX compressor, no more need to have nvdxt.exe util. It is designed in a way to preserve maximum quality when recompressing already compressed images, which it does much better than nvdxt tool. In other hand compressing quality of new images is not as good as nvdxt offers. I'll keep working on it. As for now it's best to keep both versions at hand and check results, which come better.

Apart from already supported formats (BMP, TGA, DDS, PTX) there's a new one. Now PTXTool can view Test Drive Unlimited textures (*.2db).

You are welcome to discuss in this forum thread >>>

  AFC11CT Manager 26.07.2008  

There's a new add-on Manager coming.

It's been a long time since CrashTime was released by Synetic. Why there's a CTManager now? AFC11Nitro Manager wasn't much popular when released. There wasn't big interest in CTManager either. These are two facts. But coupled with another fact - boredom they produced the thing - Crash Time add-on car installer, and it's almost done :)

It's no magic tool, this is just a manager, there's still conversion work behind any car that will be brought to CT. Most of it is physics and materials tweaking.

You are welcome to discuss in this forum thread >>>

Anyone wanting to test a beta can e-mail me: kromster80 -at-

  MTKit2.3.2 26.07.2008  

Good news everyone!
MTKit2.3.2 is out. From now on you can preview all WR2 models with all textures displayed.
Speaking professional talk MTKit2.3.2 loads and displays packed PTX textures.
Where did that came from? Well, PTXTool gets refactored from very basics. Part of that is all it's routines are easily accessible now.
Along with improved versatility PTXTool will also have built-in DXT compressor (no more troubles with nvdxt.exe). It's almost done actually :)

  KaM Editor 0.5g 18.07.2008  

Version 0.5g is completed. Here's list of changes:
- Fixed maps multiplayer compatibility
- Improved waterflow arrows
- Improved handling of errors in script loading
- Fixed loss of render area on extreme form resizing.

  MTKit2.3.1 12.07.2008  

MTKit2.3.1 is finished. Half a dozen of bugs were fixed. Wireframes can be any color you like now.

  Recent news 06.07.2008  

MTKit2.3.1 is in progress. Half a dozen of bugs got fixed (thanks to TomWin for report). Cinema4 import is under question, since its file format description (v.10 "XC4D") nowhere to be found.

KaM Remake page is added. There I will run it's log.

Site has got a shoutbox :-)

  New MTKit2 30.06.2008  

MTKit2 re-factoring is mostly done. Big parts of it's code are rewritten and cleaned up. Now what does that mean to user?

 - Improved MOX > LWO export (damage parts aligned better now, still not perfect)
 - Added 3DS import (for those who want to convert 3DMax models to WR2)
 - Added CPO format support (now you can make/edit AFC11 collision shapes)
 - Added UV map view (this makes creation of vinyls for cars much easier and you don't have to contact car author)
 - Improved UI and added some new minor features

WYSIWYG is still unfinished, I don't have enough patience/time to replicate WR2 shading, although all required coding in MTKit2 is done and only shaders code incomplete.

I may add other import/export formats if anyone can supply me with extensive format descriptions ;-)

  WR2 Manager again 22.06.2008  

Another update to WR2Man is available in editing tools section.
This time change is really minor - increased addon car limit. Now WR2Man won't crash unless you have as much as 2048 add-on cars.

P.S. I'm planning to open FAQ section soon, if you have any questions - mail me!

  WR2 Manager 02.06.2008  

Fresh WR2Man available in editing tools section.
What's new? - 2 menu tweaks for WR2 CBS version. One to show additional player statistics, such as total amount of drifts done or km driven. Some values are still unknown, if you know what they mean - drop me a letter.

P.S. That is only a tiny bit of menu tweaking. If only anyone had real interest in it .. there are much more possibilities than text adding or background changing in there.

  AFC11 / WR2 Gallery 02.06.2008  

Galleries are filled with car renders and some nice screenshots made by Synetic for their big titles AFC11CT and WR2.

AFC11 gallery
WR2 gallery

  MBWR Gallery 31.05.2008  

Gallery contains MBWR wallpapers and other images I found on my HDD. I've been collecting them ever since MBWR modding began. That's not usual screenshots, I think they are quite interesting. WR2 gallery will be filled soon aswell.

MBWR gallery

P.S. Menu layout changed for easier navigation.

  HockenHeimRing snow mod 27.05.2008  

It's better late than never.
First snow mod for WR2 scenery is available for download in WR2 section.
Yes, it's as good as screenshot, even better in motion!

  Gallery 25.05.2008  

Gallery is back on-line.
Now there are various images inside - from screenshots to drawings. No categories yet, but I plan to add them later on.

  Bugfix 22.05.2008  

Important update:
Since amount of WR addon maps increases and beats unpredictable counts there's a bug found in WR2Manager which gives an error if you have more than 256 tracks in all sceneries installed together. Now thanks to LS134 who first encountered and reported it - bug is traced and fixed.
You can download fixed WR2Man version 0.3e from Editing section as always.

  Hotfix and update 22.05.20088  

MBWR Stadt first hotfix is done, it fixes gasstations texture and includes complete traffic for scenery. Download in WR2 section.

STKit2.3.1 released, no big changes, few minor improvements, check readme.

  MBWR Stadt in WR2 21.05.2008  

MBWR Stadt in WR2. Beta version released.

  KaM Remake 21.05.2008  

It's about time to announce my secret KaM project:

I've been working on it for some time now and already made some good progress. I could finally be sure it's not going to die in a sandbox.

Predictably it takes it's roots in KaM Editor. Since that is a whole another level of coding it took almost complete rewrite and restucturing of code (huge thanks goes to my friend Alex who actually introduced new core design). Still Editor code (especially it's graphic part) largely reused. I'm still using same basis: Delphi6+OpenGL.

KaM Remake is planned to reach at least KaM TSK level without any changes nor radical new features. Then we'll see. I don't want to plan something out of reach now.

At the moment I'm working on building part of game. Just finished road building and going to move on to houses

To the screens:

Project is started ~2 months ago. Working on 2 projects which use one base, but became very different is uneasy. That is why KaM Editor gets only bugfixes recently.

  MBWR Stadt in WR2 18.05.2008  

MBWR Stadt in WR2. Beta version release soon ... approx. in 2-3days.

You can download Stadt map, with all triggers shown, in WR2 section already.

  EditCar 1.5e 06.05.2008  

Fresh bugfixed version of EditCar tool available since today. Edited files should save correct now.

  KaM Editor 0.5 25.04.2008  

KaM Editor 0.5 released in Downloads>Other.
Major new feature - city planner which allows to import script files and place houses/roads on map. So far script exports only houses and roads info in a text format suitable for KaM script editors. This is more of a test version though - suggestions are welcome.
To tell you the truth I'm very busy with another KaM project which is very secret yet.

01.05 - KaM Editor version 0.5c is available, number of bugs fixed (Thanks to Lewin for bugreport).

03.05 - KaM Editor version 0.5d is available, another couple of bugs fixed. New feature shows water flow direction.

05.05 - KaM Editor version 0.5e released, another couple of bugs fixed.

  STKit 2.3.0 14.04.2008  

New version of STKit2.3.0 finally released today. It's been a long time in development and includes lots of updates and new features. Here's full list:
- Added simple car driving simulator
- Improved LWO loading, addon scenery performance increased ~20-150%
- Added particles routes maker (for snow/rain effects)
- Improved Animated objects setup and display
- Added Waypoint tracks handling
- Added auto-listing of Objects
- Improved shadow tracing
- Added shadow sharpness option
- Replaced batch loading with autoload function
- Improved Sky setup
- Improved track display
- Improved Triggers setup
- Improved grass generation, especially for MBWR maps
- Improved renderspeed ~10%
- Fixed and improved built-in ColorPicker
- Fixed street spline connection without shapes premade
- Improved Checkers render mode to show true texture resolution
- Added print screen to JPG
- Fixed three bugs in TRK making (Thanks to TomWin)
- V1\V2\V3 tracks are saved alltogether now
- Other small bugfixes and improvements


  KaM Editor 0.4 02.04.2008  

KaM Editor 0.4 released in Downloads>Other.

  New site 01.04.2008  

Old Mambo site replaced with custom built new design. I'm just tired of Mambo plug-ins hassle.
Thanks to HanSolo for help with PHP stuff.

  KaM Editor 29.03.2008  

KaM Editor 0.4 is in progress, it will feature roads and houses placing. But right now I want to show new shading it has. Very similar to KaM game itself. It is done through standard OpenGL v1.1 functions.

Followed by TheKnight suggestion I did a cleanup in KaM Editor. I'm not a fan of wood panels though. Did spent a whole few hours on polishing terrain painting and still I'm not satisfied. Work goes on.

EDIT: Here are two screens - one from KaM and other from Editor: screen1, screen2.

  EditCar update 23.03.2008  

Thanks to Andis report at Borg's forum EditCar has one more bug fixed and became v1.5d. It is available in Tools section now.

  Another Tutorial 10.03.2008  

Revisiting old geocities site coupled with recent WR2 add-on cars releases at Borg's inspired me to rewrite normal fixing guide. It is available in WR-Tutorials section now.

  STKit2 Tutorial 09.03.2008  

LS134 tutorial is available in WR downloads section from now on. It covers basics of scenery converting in STKit2. Whenever you want to get it in German or just visit authors site - head to

  Updating site 06.03.2008  

Today I started making new site. I want to switch to something more controllable and less confusing than Mambo CMS. Of course my new site will look not as sophisticated as old one, but to be honest I don't need those fancy options Mambo can offer so much.

  MTKit2 news 03.03.2008  

MTKit2 is under deep refactoring now. Finally I have enough motivation to rip off pieces of old crappy code and replace them with scratch made new ones. New version (it will be 2.3.0?) will take a lot of time to make and will bring little to modders. But whole internal structure will be a lot better and hopefully versatile enough to meet current AFC11 and hopefully upcoming Synetic games.


Link to me:
  © 2009-2010 Krom, A.Weißgerber