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  Knights Province 2013 - 2022  

In October 2013 I have started to work on my own RTS game, called Knights Province.

  Shoutbox removed 26.10.2014  

Due to increasing amount of spam and decreasing amount of on-topic messages, the Shoutbox has been removed. If you want to contact me please use my e-mail. For other MBWR/WR2/AFC activities please use the forums.

  Addressing popular questions from the shoutbox 04.08.2012  

Hi everyone, It's been a while since I last time updated my site news. So, what's new?

Been working on KaM Remake quite a lot, new Demo is coming. More news at our facebook page here:

And now to popular questions from the shoutbox:

Ayaz: Where is FRDT2LWO Tool?

I haven't seen it for quite some time now ..

Jonas: Please, what should I do with password in EditCar?

You need to contact the original cars creator/converted and ask password from him.

anadin: how to download map

Which one and from where? You should make yourself more clear.

enVec: is kam rmake dead ? there havent been any updates recently

KaM Remake is alive and kicking at

Rick: why all links on brog gaming are brokem ? i wanna download some cars but links are broken, because almost all cars in games are blocked from downloading.

The links are not working anymore since Borg's have removed all the mods from its servers to reduce traffic. As you know WR2 is declining in popularity each year and AFC11 games did not had that much popularity to create a healthy mod-oriented community.

Mellow: HELP! i cant pass The Grand Finale race in WR2, i complated 76 races and still cant pass this.

This is one of the strange races in WR2. In order to pass it you must loose the race.

  Happy New Year 2012! 31.12.2011  


  KaM Remake has new site! 19.10.2011  

Hi everyone, I have a surprise for you, the KaM Remake has a new website!!

We also have a new contact address. All KaM Remake related emails can be sent to: As you can see we now have Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as a Youtube channel run by Shadaoe. Take a look at his first video, a trailer for the KaM Remake:

The site hosting and mailserver was made possible by Bur, the admin of the Russian fansite, so many thanks to him for his generous assistance!

P.S. The fresh demo was released this weekend! Head to for downloads!

  KaM Remake - Multiplayer Demo update #3 03.08.2011  

Second update is ready and available for download from: Link

Bugfixes include:
Server data corruption errors
The dedicated server can now host multiple games at once. (capped at 32) If a game is in progress you are placed in a new game
In multiplayer you should be able to see the same as your allies (sync fog of war for teams)
Server can crash if a non-KaM Remake client connects and sends data
When building Wine field, tile dug by Worker, if worker dies before receiving wood, becomes unusable
Woodcutter can plant trees along map edges, but can't chop them there
Build wine field, road on top, house on top, demolish house, you can't build winefield again

  KaM Remake - Multiplayer Demo update 08.07.2011  

Second update is ready and available for download from: Link

Bugfixes include:
Swinefarm and Stables had discolored flags
In damaged stables fire was painted on horses back! it should be behind it
Fixed crash in replays with no commands from player
Can't copy IP into IP field / IP resets when you are not able to connect
Could not start KingdomAttack map without resaving it in MapEditor (caused by different folder and file names)
Two monitor config, scrolling works well only on 1st display
The cursor could become stuck if the victory/defeat overlay appeared while you were ordering troops to move
Animals becoming stuck (e.g. on building sites) causes the game to crash
Fixed a bug that occurs occasionally when destroying a school: "Unexpected error. Destroyed school erases the task"
Fixed "saving from wrong state" error
Fixed some causes of "unit on unwalkable tile" errors
Sometimes workers would step off the tile they were building a road on at the moment the stone was delivered, then hammer the ground at the wrong location
The first item in the Single Maps list could not be played
Crashes now create a nice timestamped ZIP file with everything we need to have in the Crash Reports folder. Now you can simply email this file to us.
Ping is measured and shown in multiplayer games
You can no longer join a multiplayer game that is in progress (caused a crash)
Dedicated server added
Cannot join a server running a different game version
Victory/defeat causes a mismatch in the replay
Loading a saved game caused the replay to mismatch (random seed was not stored)
Crabs are stuck between roads building on them is buggy
Fixed terrain flattening bug that made tiles underneath units unwalkable
When opponent reached my town in MP he saw we have same color and i dont have any peasant except for the ones that i had at the start. He saw my buildings but just fence. (Bug happens when either side uses super speedup from F11 panel)
Archers do not compensate for moving targets, they should try to predict enemy position when shooting

  KaM Remake - Multiplayer Demo 13.06.2011  

Long-awaited multiplayer demo is ready.

Download 1st Multiplayer Demo from: Link
Download 1st Multiplayer Demo update from: Link

  Google translation 29.05.2011  

There's a new feature on the right side now - you can select language to view my site. Do you like it?

  MTKit 2.3.7 11.05.2011  

Got a bugreport from Nick - "Failed to create key moxfile". After quick investigation it turned out to be version 2.3.6 feature (MTKit236 would automatically associate itself with MOX files). Something to do with admin rights required to access Windows Registry. I disabled automatic file association and moved it to Extras tab - now when you want to associate MTKit 2.3.7 with MOX files you have to press a button :)

  Shoutbox 22.03.2011  

Due to recent spambots activity in my shoutbox (which became a spambox really), I have to disable and remove it. Sorry for inconvenience.

  KaM Remake 2nd Fighting Demo + first update 16.01.2011  

Lewin has finished working on bugfixes for 2nd KaM Fighting Demo and now you can download them in a form of update. You will need to unpack update files over demo files, replacing the executable and adding dozen of other files.

Download 2nd Fighting Demo from: Link
Download 2nd Fighting Demo update from: Link

  Something different: NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 - Bundle Viewer 07.01.2011  

I've got myself new GPU and been playing latest NFS game - it's awesome! Graphics are so fresh and rich, the drive is amazing. It's first game after World Racing 2, that I truly enjoyed :)

Why do I write all this in my news you may ask? Because I could not resist to take a sneak peek into resource files of the game ... and ... wrote a handy little tool to view their contents! So far it's only textures and RAW files export. More to come in next versions!

UPDATE: Download NFS Hot Pursuit - Bundle Viewer version 0.1a (features RGBA images support and improved performance)

P.S. Crash Time 4 add-on Manager is delayed. I play NFS once again now ;)

  Season greetings 31.12.2010  

Happy New Year everyone!

  KaM Remake - 2nd Fighting Demo 31.12.2010  

2nd Fighting Demo is ready :)

What's new: Archers, Improved AI, Lots of bugfixes :)

Orange herbera

Download from: Link

P.S. There's one rare bug - error messages pops up 4-5 times during fights "fCommander...." - just click OK, it's not critical. We just don't have more time to fix it.

  Looking at AFC11 - The Syndicate 27.12.2010  

Synetic has released new game in AFC11 line - called "The Syndicate". Once again you will race through Stadt and Autobahn stopping the crime!

New game features new file formats. All games vehicle and track settings are stored in Database\*.db3 files. These files are SQLite3 data bases. They can be opened and supposedly edited(?) with any SQLite3 editor (Google for them). I didn't had time to do a better investigation yet - my PC can barely handle the game. But at least you can extract vehicle setup values now ;)

P.S. Today is a big day - 4 news at once and I'm thinking of what to add more! Be sure to read them all :)

  KaM Remake sneak peak 27.12.2010  

KaM Remake is going well, we are going to release a new Demo within few weeks. And here's something to keep you interested in upcoming features:

  Updates in Gallery 27.12.2010  

There are few new pictures in Gallery. I like to spend my free time programming tool and games, but also I draw stuff from time to time. I decided to show you some. These pics aren't from this month, Gerbera pic is at least 2 years old, but still it's a nice example of what I enjoy doing besides WR and KaM :)

Photoshopped BMW3 photo for a contest Pyramid calendar I did on previos job Orange herbera Drawing of random girl

Pics are: Fake BMW3 photoshopped for a contest at Synetic fan-site; Pyramid calendar I did on my previous job, 3D model was created few days later and is very accurate; Gerbera drawing - I used a pen tablet and gouache-style brushes back in 2008; and finally - drawing of unknown girl, same on pen tablet, but this time in pencil, in 2009.

  KaM digest 27.12.2010  

Here's small list of KaM sites/forums I regularly visit:

 - (big Polish community fan-site, lots of creative KaM news and contests)

 - (contains some older news about TKE development (another KaM clone))

 - (Litude's forum, here I spend most of my time posting KaM Remake news and reading topics)

 - (The Knight's community site, has the most exclusive material on KaM)

 - (new Russian fan-site, along with very active forum has lots of KaM stuff, including interviews with me and Lewin)

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