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Additional controls available in World Racing 2: 

  • V this is the most interesting key - it is a free camera mode. In this mode game is paused and you can move camera wherever you like! Movement is done via mouse:

    - simple mouse movement will move camera around players car while centered on one point (around target).
    - holding left or center mouse button while moving mouse will change distance between camera and its target (alike zoom).
    - holding right mouse button and moving mouse will move camera and it's target point (strafe camera left/right up/down).
    - holding both mouse buttons and moving mouse will move camera target point while (rotate camera left/right up/down).

    anytime you can press R (reset) key - free camera mode will end and your car will be reset at point where camera was. Thus you can place you car anywhere on the scenery! That is perfect mode to take your screenshots as well.

  • Q-W-E keys are responsible for car blinkers turning them on and off - respectively left-both-right.

  • P acts same as Esc key and will pause the game and open racing menu.

  • F1 will cycle through available camera modes same as "c" key.

  • F5 will cycle through available input devices - keyboard, joysticks, etc..

  • F11 will make a screenshot and save it in "World Racing 2\Screenshots\" folder, screenshots aren't time stamped, so when you re-launch WR2 new screenshots will overwrite older ones. Sometimes this functions doesn't work randomly.

Cheats available in World Racing 2: 

  • Speedbucks cheat: enter the following codes as your player name when creating new profile:

    EC - Increase the Speedbucks count by 100.
    Visa - Increase the Speedbucks count by 1.000.
    MASTERCARD - Increase the Speedbucks count by 10.000.
    AmEx - Increase the Speedbucks count by 100.000.

    You can change you player name after you entered any of these codes, Speedbucks will stay.

  • Free camera mode cheat: you can use it to quickly finish the race. Simply move your car along the route in free camera mode using reset function. Try to follow the route and don't cut corners, otherwise it won't work.

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