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Here I will put answers to frequently asked questions. If you want to ask anything about World Racing - mail me! (kromster |at|


What is the WR2 CBS version?
This is a special WR2 version that was released by German magazine "Computer Bild Spiele" on it's DVD without StarForce. Along with no copy protection it also has few files unlocked which are responsible for menu layout, thus owners of CBS version can see add-on tracks images in menu and few other menu tweaks done by WR2Manager. Theoretically it's possible to rework whole WR2 menu.

How to install add-on sceneries into WR2?
First of all you need to make sure you have downloaded add-on scenery and archive isn't corrupt (all files unpack without errors). You also need WR2Manager to install add-on sceneries into World Racing 2 (see Editing tools section).
Unpack all scenery files into some folder (not WR2 yet). If you prompted for a password - check the Readme.txt, usually it's somewhere there.
You will have these folders typically: "AddOns", "Scenarios", "RaceDat", "Traffic" and maybe few others.
Now you need to copy these folders you've got into WR2 folder. So to merge add-on scenery with WR2 stock sceneries. When you asked about possible overwriting of existing files - say "yes".
Now start WR2Manager (you need to place it into WR2 folder before) and enable your add-on scenery there. Press "Save" and run WR2.

Why I can't see add-on sceneries in WR2?
You need WR2Manager to install add-on sceneries into World Racing 2.
If you see add-on scenery in WR2Manager, but can't see it in WR2 then there are few possible causes:
 - make sure you have full WR2 installation, since with medium or small installation WR2 will look for add-on files on it's DVD, where there are obviously none;
 - make sure you have checked your Profile name in WR2Manager before saving;
 - if you get "File Access Denied" while trying to save and run WR2 from WR2Manager then you need to remove "read-only" attribute from files located in "World Racing 2\FrontEnd\" folder (wr2.ds and runtime.fxp);
 - open "World Racing 2\Scenarios\ADD_ON_SCENERY_NAME" and check if there are 3 sub-folders named V1, V2 and V3. If there's only V1 you need to copy it and rename clones to V2 and V3;

How to make water surface in STKit2?
When you assign material o be water surface you need to make these 3 actions:
 - set material mapping mode to 224
 - assign all 3 textures to be "wasserbump" and make sure wasserbump.ptx is in Textures folder;
 - Go to Special Actions menu and click AFC11 Lightning fix (Blue lakes);

How to change skid marks in WR2?
There are 2 ways:
 - you can change way skid marks look by replacing \World Racing 2\stdstuff\skid1.ptx texture (note, it's used as 1 dimensional);
 - you can change skid marks for different surfaces of a scenery in STKit2 Grounds setup (options are: None, Hard, Soft).

Why there's only 5 questions here?
That is because you didn't asked any more yet ;-)

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